5 Ways Website Images Can Make or Break Your Brand


Why Beautiful Images are so Important to Your Website Beautiful images are important to your site for a number of reasons. Humans by nature are visual creatures. We make snap judgments based on appearances. We determine something’s value by the way it looks. Judging by appearance happens all the time in social settings, and it’s no different online.  Images can make or break your website. They can engage readers or turn them away. They can illustrate your content or send everything into discord. Beautifully Branded Images Add Cohesion to Your Website Because humans are visual creatures, never underestimate the importance of beauty. We humans seek beauty in everything we do. Beauty …

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Designing for Bianca Lynch Social Media Consulting [Case Study]

Designing for Bianca Lynch

Before working with Krystal, I was afraid I would have to do a lot of the work [throughout the process]; instead Krystal took care of everything I needed. I enjoyed choosing the style [of my website]; I like having the variety in choice. Krystal is responsive, thorough in her work, and wants to make sure you love your website!   1 | Overview Bianca Lynch is the Creative Director and CEO of Bianca Lynch Social Media Consulting. Having already had a logo created, Bianca needed a corresponding website to make her brand come alive. She needed a website that offered …

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