Designing for Alicia Therese [Case Study]

Designing for Alicia Therese by Krystal and Company Design Studio

The top benefits of working with Krystal would be her organization, follow through, and professionalism. I recommend Krystal for your design needs because she explains the design process and makes it less overwhelming. As someone who is just starting out and exploring entrepreneurship, Krystal gave me a sense of peace that we would be able to create something worthy of sharing. She clearly set goals by dates keeping our project moving forward. She clearly communicated tasks for each of us and made herself available as I had questions. She listened to my ideas and made honest suggestions for my brand …

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The Coach Chris Company [Case Study]

The Coach Chris Company Design Case Study at Krystal and Company Design Studio

  Krystal is an amazing designer! She has a lot of technical expertise and a true creative eye. She is straightforward and very honest about what will work well and what doesn’t. She is interested in making sure your brand identity stays true and is not compromised. My biggest fear before hiring a web designer was the technical side of things and not being able to manage my own site. But Krystal did a good job of making sure I had the control…I am very thankful for that! My favorite part of the design process was being exposed to Trello. …

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Why I Moved from Blogger to WordPress

Why I moved from Blogger to WordPress at SiteGround

If you’re like me, you’ve been blogging for a long time, and might still be using a freeĀ format and template that really doesn’t show off the quality of content you provide your readers. I blogged with Blogger since 2007, and boy, have things changed! Blogs are not just online diaries for chronicling your daily misadventures or current projects. Blogs are now multimedia platforms that can enhance your personal brand, promote your business, or even become a business within itself. Because I was ready to expand my blog beyond simply posting my personal craft projects, I decided to switch from Blogger …

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