Designing for Alicia Therese [Case Study]

The top benefits of working with Krystal would be her organization, follow through, and professionalism.

I recommend Krystal for your design needs because she explains the design process and makes it less overwhelming. As someone who is just starting out and exploring entrepreneurship, Krystal gave me a sense of peace that we would be able to create something worthy of sharing. She clearly set goals by dates keeping our project moving forward. She clearly communicated tasks for each of us and made herself available as I had questions. She listened to my ideas and made honest suggestions for my brand and what would be best for me as her client. She also has great design bundles and packages to choose from that give anyone working with her options their design needs.

The feature I like most [about my website] is the layout. It’s straightforward, but there is a lot of room to expand and to be creative as I grow my business.

My favorite part of the process was taking time for each step (deciding a template and layout, then deciding on the images, what content to write, etc.) and seeing everything unfold at the end.

1 | Overview

We planned that Alicia’s site would demonstrate her mission, personal style, and variety of news and services. Our intention was to construct a site that would grow as her business and reach grew. Overall, Alicia’s website focused on Alicia, featuring her unique flair and personality, while also actively engaging her audience to interact with her via web and in person.

2 | Context and Challenge

Project background and description

The project began December 2016 and was completed January 2017.


Alicia had a Wix website that was not meeting her needs for her personal and business goals. The website didn’t display her mission, personal style, and breadth of services. Also, the site was not visitor/customer friendly, nor did it fit the design aesthetics Alicia desired.

Project goals and objectives

I recreated Alicia’s site using WordPress. Alicia’s website:

  • Included a blog to update audience of current news
  • Included convenient opt-in forms for visitors to complete
  • Encouraged audience to connect with Alicia via social media
  • Highlighted Alicia’s fitness expertise and classes

3 | Process and Highlights

I guided Alica throught following steps:

  1. Purchasing the theme
  2. Migrating her domain name from GoDaddy to Bluehost
  3. Installing WordPress on Bluehost
  4. Installing the theme
  5. Design and revisions
  6. Launching the site
  7. Walking through the site and training her in the basics of WordPress

4 | Final Design

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