Designing for the Duke University School of Law [Case Study]


jsilberWe at the Duke University School of Law worked with Krystal each year to create one-of-a kind reports for our building donors. She is a terrific collaborator: creative, skilled at graphic design, and willing to think outside the box, while remaining highly cognizant of messaging, branding, and our communications style.


1 | Overview

I worked with the Duke University School of Law to create a novel, engaging annual report for the school’s top donors and alumni that showcased the most significant programs and events from the previous year.

2 | The Context and Challenge

Project background and description

The report needed to be sent in the spring semester, preferably before June 30, or the end of the fiscal year. There were no budgeting restraints, since this was and electronic report and all of the materials previously existed. Articles, photos, and other information was repurposed in this report; no new content was created.

The Issuelaw-school-report-on-website

I had worked in collaboration with Duke Law to create and send this report for at least 6 years, and we wanted to take a fresh approach to the design and content of the report to further delight and engage Duke Law donors and alumni.

Project goals and objectives

This report was to be shared on Duke Law’s website as well as various social media outlets including their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

3 | Process and Insights

  • I brainstormed ideas with Janet Silber from Duke Law, who oversaw many of the school’s donor relations initiatives.
  • We decided on a Pinterest-style design that would highlight several key areas of the law school while keeping the design fun and engaging.
  • I researched different card-style websites and came up with a couple different concepts.
  • I utilized the interactive capabilities of InDesign to create navigation, buttons, and hyperlinks.
  • I decided to link out videos rather than embed them to keep the file size managable. This report was going to be sent electronically to a large donor list and uploaded to Duke Law’s website.

4 | Gallery


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