FREE MINI COURSE! Create a Pinterest-style Interactive PDF

Your next design project should make a statement

I’m sharing with you a FREE mini course on how to create a beautiful, Pinterest-style interactive PDF document in Adobe InDesign.

As always, it’s my goal to help creatives reach their highest potential through teaching and instruction. This mini course is crafted for design students, freelancers, business owners, and anyone asked to design for their organization.

Check out the intro video:




In this FREE mini course, you will learn how to:

  • Set up your document
  • Add images
  • Create buttons
  • Create an interactive tile menu
  • Add page numbers
  • Export the document

This style of document can be used to create a product catalogue, a fashion lookbook, an annual report, or a magazine.

Interactive documents can feature clickable menus, buttons, and navigation. They can also support, audio and video files, and hyperlink to external websites. Depending on the design and complexity of your interactive report, it can also introduce a matrix of navigation that is user-directed.

The advantage of creating these documents is that they enable the user to engage and access the content in a dynamic way, easily and efficiently. Users can navigate an interactive document in an intuitive, individualized way.

I will walk you through setting up your document, adding images, creating buttons, creating the tile menu, and exporting the document to a PDF. A basic to intermediate knowledge of InDesign is recommended.



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