The Coach Chris Company

"Krystal is an amazing designer! She has a lot of technical expertise and a true creative eye. She is straightforward and very honest about what will work well and what doesn't. She is interested in making sure your brand identity stays true and is not compromised. I am very thankful for that! Krystal was super organized and helped me to understand each step of the process...this was huge for me! The benefits of working with Krystal are her: 1) technical expertise, 2) teaching and training, 3) ability to empower me to run my own site, and 4) creativity. Krystal is creative and experienced. She is able to teach you in a simplistic manner how to run your own site. Work with Krystal, because she is gifted, patient, and a true blessing."
Christy Jones
The Coach Chris Company

1 | Overview

The Coach Chris Company, founded by Christy Jones, specializes in career coaching, team training, and marriage enrichment. Website redesign boosted the usability, aesthetics, and potential expansion of the site, while giving the owner complete control over her content and the user a more pleasant ecommerce experience.

2 | Context and Challenge

Project Background and Description

Christy wanted a redesign of her website into one that was more stylish, aesthetically pleasing, and professional. It also needed to be easy to update and maintain. The project began in June 2016 and was completed at the end of July 2016.


Christy was unsatisfied with the design and aesthetics of her old site. Her old site was also difficult to navigate, update, and maintain. Visual elements were disparate and noncohesive. She also had an off-site blog on and an ineffective, hard-to-use ecommerce platform. Her biggest concern was her old site didn’t reflect the level of professionalism and polish she wanted to convey. She wanted to feel confident directing potential clients to her website when she was out speaking or leading workshops.

Project Goals and Objectives

  • Make the site more polished and professional-looking
  • Integrate an easy-to-use ecommerce solution to sell coaching products
  • Integrate blog into the website
  • Make setting up information forms easy for potential clients

3 | Process and Insights

Christy and I first discussed the nature of her business, how a website could enhance her online presence, what she wanted in a website. We drew inspiration from John Maxwell’s website and found a WordPress theme that matched the same elements. It had several elements we both liked: bold colors, a clean and professional design, lots of room for expansion, and easy integration with Woocommerce.

I guided Christy through the following steps:

  1. Purchasing the theme
  2. Signing up for hosting with SiteGround
  3. Migrating her domain name from her old web host to SiteGround
  4. Installing WordPress on SiteGround
  5. Installing the theme
  6. Design and revisions
  7. Launching the site
  8. Walking through the site and training her in the basics of WordPress

I also created mock products for her shop, mock blog posts, and web graphics for posts, pages, and the shop.