The Lavender Series Magazine

Born from my love of crafts and DIY, I set out on my Krystal & Company Crafts blog to develop fun series using the lavender flower and lavender essential oil for bath and body products including soap, bath tea, drinkable tea, a foot soak, and a room spritz. I’m sure there were more I could have added to the series, but five seemed like a good number.

It all started with a video on my Youtube channel, and then I thought it would be a cool idea to make a PDF magazine as an opt-in freebie for my blog.

So that’s what I did! I was inspired by some of the crafting magazines I love to read, such as Willow & Sage. Except for the cover, all of the photography was taken by yours truly.

The results are five easy recipes that craft novices and enthusiasts can enjoy.