Happy Clients

Working in partnership to enhance your brand and web presence is my mission. And I am fortunate to work with so many great clients. Take a look at what some of my wonderful clients have to say.

Andrea Lunsford
I just loving everything.  I'm thankful for Krystal's thoughtful approach and professionalism. It's exactly what I was looking for! I love what she designed and did not feel like I had to settle for anything!  With my new brand assets,  I've been able to order new business cards and stationery items.  I feel so much more professional! It was a good time for me to invest in my business, so it was worth it. Krystal is great to work with! She has great ideas and was able to produce several great drafts (all of which would have been perfect as branding for my store). She listened to me and was able to perfectly capture the feel of my online store. I appreciated her communication and follow through. There was never a missed deadline! I am so happy with the final result, and know I'll love it for years to come!
Bianca Lynch
Creative Director and CEO  - Bianca Lynch Social Media Consulting
Before working with Krystal, I was afraid I would have to do a lot of the work [throughout the process]; instead Krystal took care of everything I needed.I enjoyed choosing the style [of my website]; I like having the variety in choice. Krystal is responsive, thorough in her work, and wants to make sure you love your website!
Alicia Castrogiovanni
Fitness Expert and Speaker  - Alicia Therese
I recommend Krystal for your design needs because she explains the design process and makes it less overwhelming. As someone who is just starting out and exploring entrepreneurship, Krystal gave me a sense of peace that we would be able to create something worthy of sharing. She clearly set goals and kept our project moving forward. She clearly communicated tasks for each of us and made herself available as I had questions. She listened to my ideas and made honest suggestions for my brand and what would be best for me as her client. She also has great design bundles and packages to choose from that give anyone working with her options for their various design needs. The top benefits of working with Krystal would be her organization and follow through, professionalism, and affordability. My favorite part of the process was taking time for each step (deciding a template and layout, then deciding on the images, what content to write, etc.) and seeing everything unfold at the end.
Janet Silber
Sr. Administrator of Donor Relations  - Duke University School of Law
We at the Duke University School of Law worked with Krystal each year to create one-of-a kind reports for our building donors. She is a terrific collaborator: creative, skilled at graphic design, and willing to think outside the box, while remaining highly cognizant of messaging, branding, and our communications style.
Christy Jones
Krystal is an amazing designer! She has a lot of technical expertise and a true creative eye. She is straightforward and very honest about what will work well and what doesn't. She is interested in making sure your brand identity stays true and is not compromised. My biggest fear before hiring a web designer was the technical side of things and not being able to manage my own site. But Krystal did a good job of making sure I had the control...I am very thankful for that! My favorite part of the design process was being exposed to Trello. Krystal was super organized and helped me to understand each step of the process...this was huge for me! The benefits of working with Krystal are her 1) technical expertise, 2) teaching and training, 3) empowering me to run my own site, and 4) creativity. Krystal is creative and experienced. She is able to teach you in a simplistic manner how to run your own site. Utilize Krystal, because she is gifted, patient, and a true blessing

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